Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The eyes of my children!!!

Looking into the eyes of children,
is like looking into the great unknown.
Children deserve all your love and attention,
more than a few words spoken over a phone.

Looking into the eyes of my children,
I see compassion, love and happiness.
They ask questions 'bout you seldomly,
maybe not to you, but to me they are the best.

Looking into the eyes of our children,
I see growth, and things that you don't.
I look into the eyes of our children, 
and realize, I love them the way you won't.

I look into the eyes of these children, 
I always learn something new.
But one thing for certain will never change,
They are the only good thing that came from me and you.

Every day you tell me, 
how you wish you could be there.
I look into the eyes of my children, 
and they don't need you here.

One day my children will ask,
one day they will know.
But until that day arrives,
you will feel the guilt where ever you go.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

deadbeat quotes & Statistics

1. 62% of custodial mothers do not receive child support. However, of that number, three-fourths of them simply do not want child support, have not asked for it, have accepted other financial arrangements instead of child support, or the father does not have the money. Only 11% of those custodial mothers who do not receive child support, is because of "deadbeat dads".)

2. The "deadbeat dad" craze has allowed the blame of several social ills, from poverty to welfare costs to social pathology, to be placed squarely in the laps of fathers. When we view government data that 6.2 million single mothers do not receive child support, we cringe in disbelief, and wonder how those dads could be so heartless to their children. How can those fathers just walk away from their responsibilities?

3. A large percentage of deadbeat dads are remarried and are supporting several step-children or biological children from a second marriage.
Often this family is poorer than the household of his ex-wife, who may have married a more successful breadwinner. It is also common for the ex-wife of a deadbeat dad to have remarried another deadbeat dad, who is supporting her and her children.

4. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

5. 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes

6. 100% OF ALL DEADBEAT PARENTS need to be neutered with a rusty razor.....our children deserve better

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to train a deadbeat!!!!

As young mothers of small children, we all know how hard it is to provide on our own, espicially in a small rural community in Newfoundland Canada...So here I am, new to this thing of writing and creating blogs and posts, but here to help all of you in the same position I am. 

I have two small children (a son who is turning 7 this year and a daughter who will be 6 next year) and with my income, it is hard to provide for them, but recently getting married to a wonderful man has helped, but it doesn't mean that their BIOLOGICAL FATHER should get away with not providing for his children. 

So YOU WANT TO TRAIN YOUR DEADBEAT? Whether you are a single mother or a single father, here is what you do; DON'T BACK DOWN, it is your right to have all of his financial information, and if he doesn't agree to you having it, make the first step, apply for an application and take the DEADBEAT to court. Get yourself a lawyer, and all the information you can possibly get your PAWS on. 

The father of my two children has money to buy a brand new truck, car, snowmobile, fireplace, leather couch sets, internet, phone, digital cable and TWO OTHER CHILDREN and a step daughter with his new wife. But yet applies the fact that he wants to pay child support but can not afford to. 

This ladies and gentlemen is more than enough reason to know when enough is enough.....Don't be afraid, he can't hurt you. You made a big decision to leave HIS/HER sorry a$$ now do whats best for your children. It isn't free raising them. (pampers, formula, food, school clothes, school supplies, hospital visits, medication, etc.) it all cost money and a lot of money with that. 

You don't have to settle with maybe's or HIM/HER telling you they have no income or can't afford to, because, even if they have to pay $50 a month, that's $50 in your pocket that you didn't have. If you can not afford a lawyer, theres always legal aid, thats where I went, and thats where 5 years of my life, my childrens lives, went into. Sure it costs money to go to court, but in the end, as long as you are HONEST and tell the TRUTH you will get what belongs to you and your children. 

I've been going through court for 5 years this coming november, and It is only now as of SEPTEMBER 30TH that I was told that this man must pay his children and give me 24hr notice before visitations......

So ladies and gentlemen, play hardball, don't let them get over your time, there's a reason they are called DEADBEAT PARENTS, if you seed them, love and feed them.


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